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Highway Driving Tips

Maybe it’s been awhile since driver’s ed, maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of some unfriendly honks lately–no matter the case, everyone can use a few reminders of highway driving etiquette.

Does Highway Size Matter?

In this case, size does matter! Driving on a two-lane highway is different than driving on a six-lane highway. There are some simple rules that will help you drive safely and with courtesy.

Big Highways

  • Different Lanes, Different Purposes: The benefit of driving on larger highways is that they have more lanes. The right lane should be used for access to exits and for those who need to drive slowly, such as people hauling boats and campers. The far left-hand lane should be used for passing. If you’re driving faster than the majority of the other drivers (within reason), it’s alright to drive in this lane for a stretch. However, whenever possible you should stick to the middle lane and pass on the left or exit on the right as necessary.
  • Keep Your Distance: One thing most drivers are guilty of is driving too close to other cars on the highway. Though your Toyota likely has many impressive safety features that help you maintain safe distance from other drivers, it’s ultimately up to you to make safe decisions. Remember that for your car to stop it takes one full car length per 10 MPH for your car to stop–if you’re going 60 MPH, it will take 6 car lengths; 70 MPH will take 7 car lengths. Always do your best to keep this rule in mind and maintain adequate distance from other vehicles while driving.
  • Safety First: You can control your driving choices, but you can’t control other drivers. Unfortunately, there will be times when you’re stuck on the highway with someone who is driving irresponsibly. When this happens, it’s always safest to get out of their way.

Small Highways

  • Keep it Simple: Smaller highways follow the same essential rules as larger ones. Stick to the right (whenever possible) if you’re going slower, and pass on the left when you need to. Don’t forget, there are only certain places you can do this: the dividing line will be dashed on your side.

Drive safe out there! You can always stop in at Lexington Toyota if you have any driving questions or need any car services. Better yet, take a look at some of our new cars to upgrade your safety features!

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