Toyota is the World’s Most Googled Car Brand

With the internet providing much of the world’s automotive information to the masses, it’s no wonder that so many people out there are curious about what Toyota has to offer. Not only does the lineup give drivers access to incredible style and performance, but also offers affordability to those who can’t break the bank on a new car. Check out what’s new for the Toyota lineup, and see which countries love Toyota the most.  

Is Toyota the Most Popular Brand in the US?

When it comes to searches on Google, Toyota comes in first. The brand’s most popular model, the Camry, has long been considered one of the most versatile and reliable vehicles on the road. Google is not the most popular search engine in big countries like China and Russia, but it certainly is in the US.

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While Google searches doesn’t necessarily mean that Toyota is the most commonly purchased brand out there, it means that there are a lot of people interested in the impressive performance ratings and fuel efficiency ratings. Not sure whether there’s a model out there for you? Instead of heading to Google, check out the research pages for some of our most popular models below.

Most Popular 2017 Toyota Models

Camry Sedan for sale Lexington MA
Toyota Camry
2017 Toyota Corolla Lexington MA
Toyota Corolla
2017 Toyota RAV4 Lexington MA
Toyota RAV4

We have a lot more to offer in the way of full-size SUVs like the Highlander and Sequoia, so be sure to check out the other research pages located conveniently on our site for your use. We would love to help you get behind the wheel of a new or previously-owned Toyota. Ask our experts to give you a hand and get you started with the quick and easy financing process at Lexington Toyota.

2017 Toyota SUV Lexington MA