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3 Tips to Make Your Vehicle Winter Ready!

Winter Vehicle Preparation

Winter is just around the corner, and with it comes a ton of road hazards and rough weather! This means that everyday life is going to be challenging, with your safety being a top priority! One of the best ways to make sure that your vehicle and you get to where you want to go safely and securely is to keep your vehicle running well! Continue reading to learn what you can do to keep your vehicle running this winter!

Check Coolant Levels

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is a liquid that works like magic. It keeps your engine from freezing during the time of year when temperatures drop low, and without it, your engine won’t start. This can leave you in a dangerous position, especially in winter when things are hazardous by nature. You should make sure you bring your vehicle in and drain and replace your coolant as needed!

Replacing liquids in a vehicle

Changing tires on a vehicle

Check Tires and Tire Trad Depth

Your tires are your key to staying on the road and being safe when the weather is questionable, and the roads are potentially dangerous. You need to make sure that your tires are prepared to do their part to ensure your safety. This includes checking the tire pressure as well as placing a penny into the tread to see their depth. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you need new tires.

Use Winter Grade Oil

The colder the weather, the thinner you want the oil in your vehicle to be. Colder weather makes oil thicker, making it harder to move through the engine block as it cools. You should switch to a winter-based oil for the colder months!

Following these three tips should help keep your vehicle running well when the time comes, making sure that you and your passengers are safe no matter what conditions come your way! For more tips on winter preparation, or servicing your vehicle, contact us at Lexington Toyota today!

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