5 New England Road trips for Summer

Local road trips you can take on one tank of gas in the Toyota Prius

If you’re anything like us you love to hop in your Toyota and hit the open road during the summer months. Road trips are our our favorite way to enjoy a sunny weekend. Living in Massachusetts, we are lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful back roads, small towns and coastlines of New England. If you’re car lovers like us, picking the perfect vehicle to accompany you is half the fun. Our top pick? The extra fuel-efficient Toyota Prius. It will keep you on the road longer and away from those unattractive gas stations. See a list below of our top 5 New England road trips for summer. Did we mention that you could take every one of these road trips back to back in less than one tank of gas in the 2017 Toyota Prius? You can use all of that extra savings to go on even more road trips! Or on ice cream, your choice.

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5 New England Roadtrips for Summer

photo of a mapCross the Coast of New Hampshire

Travel along the New Hampshire coast from Seabrook Beach to Portsmouth. Stop along the way at charming beaches, castles and hotels. Total Distance – 18 miles.

Travel Route 100 in Vermont

Drive through the Green Mountains on Vermont’s Route 100 between Ludlow and Waterbury. This stretch of road is famous for its fall foliage but is equally charming in summer. Cool off with an ice cream sample while touring the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Waterbury. Total Distance – 90 miles.

Drive through Acadia National Park, Maine

One of four national parks in Maine, Acadia National Park is home to majestic mountains, lakes, harbors and beaches. Drive along the Loop Rd. Then, stop for a hike on one of the many trails. Total Distance – 27 miles.

Experience the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts

This scenic highway was designed in 1914 and will provide a lovely afternoon drive. There are a few art museums to meander around along the route including those in Williamstown and North Adams. Total Distance – 63 miles.

Explore the Beaches of Rhode Island

Follow this beachy route from Narragansett to Westerly on US 1 along the Narragansett Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Make time to ride one of the nation’s oldest carousels in Westerly and stop at Iggy’s for some incredible seafood. Total Distance – 25 miles.