5 Things to Keep in Your Car

Even though cars today come equipped with impressive safety features (especially Toyotas), sometimes it’s up to you to make sure the basics are covered. Whether it’s a minor emergency or just a long drive, there are some things you should always have in your car.

Basic supplies to keep in your car

There are a few things you should keep in your car at all times—just in case you need them. The good news is that you likely already own these items, so it’s just a matter of getting them all in the right place and keeping them there.

  • Portable charger and cables: Keeping a portable charger handy can be incredibly useful if you’re unable to charge your phone with your car’s energy. Keep a phone cable and the cable to charge the portable charger in your car as well so nothing dies at an inopportune time—like when you’re stranded.
  • Granola bars or cereal: If it doesn’t expire, keep it in your car. Having snacks in your car can be a lifesaver in a pinch or just help keep car rides civil when passengers get hungry.
  • Some water: Water could literally be a lifesaver. Keep a bottle or two in your car just in case you find yourself in need. If the bottle is plastic, change out the water now and then to avoid it getting stale.
  • Jumper cables: While many people have these in their cars, you never know when you’ll need them or when you’ll be able to help someone else out by having them. Stick ’em in your trunk and only pull them out when you need them.
  • An umbrella: How many times have you seen someone hop out of the car with an umbrella and wished you had one? Keeping a collapsible one in your car will make for a much drier day when those fall rains crop up.
jumper cables

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