5 Common Pothole Damage Points

5 Vehicle Parts Commonly Damaged By Potholes

Hitting a pothole is no one’s idea of a great reason to pay for vehicle repairs. You might not have seen it coming. You might have thought it was not a big deal. But once you have a flat tire or a beat up suspension system, your vehicle might need a little TLC to get back on the road. Check out these five parts that can be damaged by a serious encounter with a pothole and come in to see us today! 

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5 Parts to Inspect After Hitting a Pothole

Whether or not you think your vehicle is worth the effort of a visit to the repair center, there’s nothing worse than getting ready to leave for work and finding your tire flat. That’s only one of several issues that potholes can cause, so check out this list of places to look for damage before you decide not to schedule that inspection.

  • Tires – Check for bulges, tread separation
  • Rims – Look for cracks, dents, or chips –>  may mean a broken seal.
  • Suspension – Feel for vibration or steering tugging in one direction
  • Exhaust —  Listen for louder acceleration sounds, or exhaust smells inside the car
  • Body – Your bumper or side skirts may have cosmetic damage as well!

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