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Bring your Toyota Vehicles in for Summer Maintenance Today!

Summer Maintenance at Lexington Toyota

Lexington Toyota is committed to providing all the care that is expected of a Toyota dealership, and that our guests have come to trust. This is done through our excellent Toyota-Trained technicians, who have spent hours learning each Toyota vehicle! Continue reading to learn more about what services we offer!

Tire Replacement and Balancing

When it comes to summer safety and driving performance, the right tires can make a world of difference! You can even experience better handling and greater fuel efficiency when you keep your vehicle in good condition. So, when your tires get worn down and damaged, it becomes necessary to replace them.

Thankfully, you can get exact replacements for the original tires at a great price here at Lexington Toyota! And, our Toyota-trained technicians will ensure that these tires are mounted, balanced, and inflated to the specifications given for your vehicle, ensuring the peak of performance and handling. You can see tire prices by clicking the link here!

Toyota service center meeting with customer after work done.
Toyota service center technician

Oil Change and Fluid Replacement Services

Another great way to make sure your vehicle keeps in top form when it comes to performance is making sure you get regular oil changes, which should be done at factory recommended intervals! This allows you to keep your vehicle running and maintain its great value! Here at Lexington Toyota, we use the actual oil promoted by Toyota to help protect against corrosion, foaming, and which maintains proper applications of oil in the vehicle.

Additionally, we will also top off or replace the other fluids found in your vehicle, to keep it running at an optimal level and give the best performance!

So, if you’re looking for exceptional servicing on your Toyota vehicles, look no further than Lexington Toyota’s trained professionals! They’re experts on Toyota vehicles, having thousands of hours working on the brand, and so are guaranteed to deliver the best possible results! Contact us today at Lexington Toyota to learn more!

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