washing a windshield at gas station

Can I use the gas station squeegee to wash my car?

Car washing tips at the gas station 

Whenever we are filling up our fuel tanks, we often take more notice on the exterior of our vehicle. While it may be tempting to use the gas station squeegee to wash off a small mark, this is a bad idea. Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t use gas station squeegees to wash off your car. 

washing the windshield

You might scratch your paint 

The safest way to wash your car is with soap. When you use the gas station squeegee to wash the exterior of your vehicle, you risk scratching your paint. The sponge on the squeegee may have rocks or any small, jagged surface inside to scratch the paint. The solution in the water is usually made with dilated window cleaner and does not offer the lubrication to safely wash your vehicle exterior with. 

The water, along with the squeegee, is filthy 

Ever wonder why the containers are black? The color often hides the how dirty the water inside is. There is everything from bug guts to engine oil to brake dust. Since the water is hardly ever 100% clean, you are almost guaranteed to have some amount of streaking. 

When can I use the squeegee? 

While you should never, ever use the squeegee on the exterior of your vehicle, it is okay to use it on your windshield. Although this should never be your default way to wash your windshield, it is useful on road trips when you do not have time to stop for a full car wash or you need to see more clearly to continue on your trip. 

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