Can you use Apple CarPlay via Bluetooth in Toyota vehicles?

With technology continuously advancing, it’s always a treat to be able to utilize improved tech features inside your car. But it’s also important to know how these technology features work with one another. On one side, you have Apple CarPlay, which is a fairly recent addition to the Toyota lineup. On the other side, you have Bluetooth connectivity, which has been available on Toyota vehicles for years. But can you use Apple CarPlay through Bluetooth connection? Or do you need to plug your phone in?

For now, the answer is no—you cannot use Apple CarPlay wirelessly in Toyota cars. You’ll need to connect your Apple device via the USB port in your Toyota vehicle to be able to utilize the Apple CarPlay functionality.

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What’s included with Apple CarPlay in Toyota cars?

Once your compatible phone is connected, you can take advantage of a variety of Apple CarPlay features. Mainly, you’ll be able to access many of your phone’s apps on the vehicle’s touchscreen display using a layout and functionality that is similar to your phone. You can get directions, make calls, receive messages, and stream music. Voice recognition via Siri allows you to access these features using only your voice.

What can you use Bluetooth for in Toyota vehicles?

If you connect a compatible device to your Toyota vehicle via Bluetooth, you get access to a number of features, such as calling, streaming audio, and more. You can also utilize voice recognition to access some of these functions. The main difference here is Bluetooth does not provide a layout on the display screen that is similar to your device, though you may still be able to view and select contacts from your phone and see information about the audio that is currently streaming.

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