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Consider these protection plans before your next vehicle purchase or lease

What other protection plans does Toyota Financial Services offer? 

Whether you choose to finance or lease a Toyota vehicle, the automaker’s lending arm, Toyota Financial Services, is a great way to do eitherIn addition to providing the funds for people to buy cars and the financial infrastructure to lease cars, trucks and SUVs, Toyota Financial Services has also designed a number of programs to help people prepare for the unexpected. So, what other protection plans does Toyota Financial Services offer? The list is long and interesting, but our team of financing and insurance experts working at Lexington Toyota found a few videos that will help explain some of its most popular product protection plans. If you have more questions about how Toyota Financial Services can help you, make an appointment with a Lexington Toyota representative today.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Toyota educates its customers how to end their leases

New Toyota Lease Information Videos 

Leasing has really become more popular than we could have ever thought possible. It allows people to always have the latest Toyota technology, often at a lower price than would be possible or feasible with traditional financing. These new Toyota lease information videos will help people answer some key questions about what happens when their leasing term is over. People have a few options they can choose from when it comes time to properly end their lease. All of them come with pros and cons, like any decision, and a Lexington Toyota product expert will be happy to walk you through them. However, we’ve found this discussion is easiest for everyone if customers come to the showroom knowing what questions they want to ask. If you have any concerns before you visit us, make an appointment to speak with a Lexington Toyota representative today.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2020 Toyota Sienna entertainment system

Where can I find used vehicles under $15,000 Lexington, Ma?

Used Toyota vehicles under $15,000 in Lexington MA 

We all want a good deal on Toyota vehicles and buying used is the best way to save some money while still purchasing a high-quality vehicle. At Lexington Toyota, we have a variety of used Toyota vehicles on our lot that are under $15,000. Keep reading to see which Toyota vehicles we have available. 

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What are some test driving tips to keep in mind?

Test driving tips 

Buying a new car can seem intimidating, especially when you do not know what you are looking for. We want to make sure you find the vehicle you are looking for and feel comfortable driving it. To make everything easy for you, we have some tips to keep in mind while when you are thinking about test driving a vehicle. Keep reading to learn some tips when you are test driving a vehicle.  

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Where to get a car appraisal in Lexington, MA

At Lexington Toyota, our aim is to make the car-buying process as simple and straightforward as possible from start to finish. And that includes trading in your previous vehicle. When you shop for a new car, chances are you’re planning to trade in or sell your current model. Or maybe you’re just curious to learn how much your vehicle is worth. Either way, you can get a car appraisal right here at Lexington Toyota. Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Toyota Tundra and 2018 Toyota Tacoma side by side

Find out Which Toyota Truck is Right for you

2018 Toyota Tundra vs 2018 Toyota Tacoma 

When searching for a new vehicle, it’s always nice to have plenty of options. Finding the perfect truck for all of your needs can be difficult, but Toyota gives you a choice with their wide variety of vehicles. If you were trying to decide between the 2018 Toyota Tundra vs the 2018 Toyota Tacoma, we wanted to highlight a few of the key differences that set them apart.  

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2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure in mountain road

What is the best SUV for Snow?

If you’ve never driven in a Toyota SUV, you are missing out! These sporty machines really know how to take command of the road, plowing through unforgiving terrain and making it easy to cross snow-covered tracks. For 2018, Toyota has revamped their SUV lineup to make it better than ever before, including adding new trim lines across their models and increasing the amount of power and efficiency you’ll find under the hood. Take a look below as we explore three outstanding Toyota models that we believe to be the best options for an SUV in snowy climates and see which one best fits your drive habits!

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