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A black and white photo of a future Toyota concept vehicle.

The Corolla lineup could be welcoming a new member into the fold

What is the Toyota GR Corolla? 

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling vehicle in automotive history. We already have the classic sedan version of the Corolla as well as a hybrid sedan that was introduced in 2020, in addition to the sporty Corolla Hatchbackbut is the lineup complete? Apparently, Toyota doesn’t think so. Lexington Toyota product experts have come across an article about a potential “hot hatch” variant of the Corolla that could debut in the next couple of model years. So, what is the Toyota GR Corolla? At first blush, the new GR Corolla appears to be a lightweight, high-performance hatchback that will rival some very impressive European competitors. Let’s take a look at a few interesting things about a potential new member of the Corolla family.  Read the rest of this entry >>

A front left quarter photo of the Toyota Corolla Cross.

Toyota could be adding a new Corolla-themed crossover SUV to the lineup

Is the Toyota Corolla Cross coming to Lexington, MA? 

It’s completely reasonable for people to think that Lexington Toyota product experts have inside knowledge about new models that may be coming to the showroom. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. For instance, one of our teammates was speaking with a family member who is a real automotive enthusiast. That person came across an article about a potential new Toyota crossover SUV and asked, ‘Is the Toyota Corolla Cross coming to Lexington, MA?’ This certainly caught the member of our team off guard. They then shared the July 9 article from Autoblog with the rest of us. It certainly led to an interesting discussion. In fact, it was so interesting we thought it would helpful to share what we know with you.  Read the rest of this entry >>

toyota fine comfort ride concept detailed with exterior styling and door opened_o

Toyota Expands Fuel Cell Concept Line to Consumer Minivan

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Specs and Release Date

In the automotive industry, there are performance-leaders, reliability-leaders and budget-leaders. Call us biased, but we believe Toyota checks all three of these boxes. In fact, it could be argued that all three of these titles are won with the flagship-model 2018 Toyota Camry V6. It’s true, Toyota is no stranger to coming in first on a lot of positive lists.

One of the titles for which you don’t see as much competition as the others is the coveted position of “thought leader.” This title is reserved for manufacturers that are doing more than putting out great automobiles that respond to current market trends, needs and wants. True thought leaders do more than look at the market now, they look ahead. Read the rest of this entry >>

toyota sets standard for zero emission trucking with project portal lexington toyota boston ma_o

Toyota Sets Standard for Zero Emission Trucking with Project Portal

Since the introduction of the Toyota Prius, twenty years ago, Toyota has been working hard on hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fully-electric and fuel-cell vehicles. The last one especially has been a charge led by Toyota with vehicles like the Mirai.

Alternative fuel vehicles have been around for awhile, though, and always seem to wind up in similar places. They offer little cargo room, or power, and prevent drivers from traveling very far. That’s all about to change. In an October 12, 2017 press release, Toyota has detailed their work into the future of commercial transportation, namely trucking, through the use of highly-efficient fuel-cell vehicle technology. Read the rest of this entry >>

Innovative Features in the Toyota FT-4X Concept Vehicle

New Concept Vehicle for Toyota has Rugged Charm

It has been about a month since Toyota’s new concept vehicle the FT-4X debuted at the 2017 New York International Auto Show. The concept vehicle was designed for the millennial professional by Toyota’s Calty Design Research Inc. After extensive research, Calty Design aimed to create a vehicle that would mesh with millennial’s casual and often spontaneous attitude towards adventure. Using a toolbox as inspiration, Toyota and Calty Design crafted a thoughtful crossover with a simple yet bold “X themed” design. We are sharing some of the innovative features in the Toyota FT-4X concept vehicle below. Keep Reading. Read the rest of this entry >>