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2019 Toyota Camry climate control

When to use the Recirculation Button in your Toyota

Toyota Recirculation Button and when to utilize it 

If you have ever looked at your Toyota vehicle’s climate control buttons, you would have noticed a button that has a car symbol with a little arrow going in a circle. The Recirculation Button, when used correctly, can help boost your fuel efficiency. Keep reading to learn when to use the Recirculation Button and how it can make your Toyota vehicle more efficient. 

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couple test driving a car

What are some test driving tips to keep in mind?

Test driving tips 

Buying a new car can seem intimidating, especially when you do not know what you are looking for. We want to make sure you find the vehicle you are looking for and feel comfortable driving it. To make everything easy for you, we have some tips to keep in mind while when you are thinking about test driving a vehicle. Keep reading to learn some tips when you are test driving a vehicle.  

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How to plan a road trip with your friends

With summer in full swing, many of you are probably starting to plan (or in the midst of planning) your next road trip. Road trips have a reputation of being a blast, especially when you’re able to get the whole gang together. In reality, they can take a good amount of planning ahead of time. That is, unless you’re fine with riding by the seat of your pants. However, we recommend having some sort of plan in place. That’s why we wanted to provide some tips to help you during the process. Read the rest of this entry >>


Where to get a car appraisal in Lexington, MA

At Lexington Toyota, our aim is to make the car-buying process as simple and straightforward as possible from start to finish. And that includes trading in your previous vehicle. When you shop for a new car, chances are you’re planning to trade in or sell your current model. Or maybe you’re just curious to learn how much your vehicle is worth. Either way, you can get a car appraisal right here at Lexington Toyota. Read the rest of this entry >>

white 2020 toyota tacoma in dust cloud

How to Use Automatic High Beams in a Toyota Vehicle

How do Automatic High Beams work in a Toyota vehicle?

The first step in using automatic high beams is making sure that you have a Toyota model with this feature. If you are unsure whether the vehicle you are interested in has automatic high beams, ask our sales team for more information. Then, watch the video below to prepare yourself before driving. Come into Lexington Toyota today to find a Toyota vehicle with automatic high beams and take a test drive to try them out.

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silver camry hybrid on the road

Setting Speed for Cruise Control in a Toyota How-to Video

Video guide of how to set the speed for cruise control in a Toyota vehicle

Today we have an important video guide to show you. This video will teach you how to set the cruise control speed in your Toyota vehicle. After all, what is the point of cruise control without being able to pick or change the speed? Watch below to learn how and start making your commutes easier.

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2019 Toyota Tacoma parked in a house's driveway

Why Won’t My Toyota Vehicle Start?

Top three reasons that your Toyota vehicle isn’t starting

It happens to the best of us. We get in the car one morning ready for the day’s adventures and… nothing. The vehicle is not responding to you trying to turn it on. At this point, you can diagnose your car as unable to start and it is time to find out why and then find a solution. Our helpful list of the top three reasons that your Toyota vehicle isn’t starting will give you a point of reference, but if all else fails, feel free to get your vehicle towed to our service center, where we will take a look at it for you.

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Exterior view of a black 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid parked curbside in the city

How to Use the Electronic Parking Brake in your Toyota Camry

Watch a video to learn how to use the electronic parking brake in your Toyota Camry

Parking should be kept simple, and we assure you that the Toyota Camry can help with that with its electronic parking brake. This brake is easy to use and helps keep your vehicle in place. The video below will show you the capabilities of this braking system and how to use the electronic parking brake in your Toyota Camry vehicle. Check out our Toyota Camry inventory.

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toyota 86 driving fast on mountain

How to Adjust Follow Distance of Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

Video guide of how to adjust the vehicle-to-vehicle follow distance of Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

If your new Toyota vehicle has Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), then this video guide could be helpful to you. It will show you how to adjust the vehicle-to-vehicle follow distance of the DRCC so that you can follow closer or farther depending on your preference. Watch the video below to learn more.

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