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gray Toyota Prius Prime parked on the side of the road near buildings

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Manages An Incredible 640-Mile Hybrid Driving Range

What Is the Most Fuel Efficient Hybrid Car for 2017? 

Unless gas prices suddenly and unexpectedly plummet, filling up at the pump is always going to be a concern for most drivers. We’re already seeing the hybrid and electric takeover of the automotive industry, with vehicles like the Toyota Prius Prime becoming increasingly popular. So, if excellent efficiency is one of your biggest needs when it comes to the vehicle you drive, you’re probably wanting to know what the most fuel efficient hybrid car options are for 2017, and we believe we have just the car you’re looking for. 

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5 New England Road trips for Summer

Local road trips you can take on one tank of gas in the Toyota Prius

If you’re anything like us you love to hop in your Toyota and hit the open road during the summer months. Road trips are our our favorite way to enjoy a sunny weekend. Living in Massachusetts, we are lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful back roads, small towns and coastlines of New England. If you’re car lovers like us, picking the perfect vehicle to accompany you is half the fun. Our top pick? The extra fuel-efficient Toyota Prius. It will keep you on the road longer and away from those unattractive gas stations. See a list below of our top 5 New England road trips for summer. Did we mention that you could take every one of these road trips back to back in less than one tank of gas in the 2017 Toyota Prius? You can use all of that extra savings to go on even more road trips! Or on ice cream, your choice. Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Prius C Range and Safety Ratings

2017 Toyota Prius c Available Safety Features

While we love the style of the newest vehicles on the road, sometimes the high-tech features we dream of take them out of our price range. The good news is that drivers interested in the 2017 Toyota Prius c will not have to sacrifice high-tech safety, as every trim level includes the Toyota Safety Sense C driver-assist technologies. Read on and see what features you’ll get to enjoy with the 2017 Toyota Prius c.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Toyota Prius new Color Options

2017 Toyota Prius Color Options

The modern-looking Prius hybrid vehicle is one of the best-sellers on our lot, and for good reason. On top of incredible style and efficiency, the Prius offers personality and style that stands out from the competition. If you’re considering driving a 2017 Prius, you’ll want to get one that fits your style and preferences, and we’re here to help you choose. Check out the 2017 Prius color options and schedule your test drive today.   Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Toyota Prius fuel economy and driving range

How long can the 2017 Toyota Prius go on one tank?

2017 Toyota Prius fuel economy and driving range

Now more than ever, fuel efficiency is a priority among a vast majority of American drivers. One of the most efficient and highly regarded vehicles in its class is the 2017 Toyota Prius, and it’s available now here at Lexington Toyota! We’ll let you know of some of its vital specs and why it’s grown to become such a legend. Read the rest of this entry >>