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Where can I dispose or recycle certain items from my home?

Recycling programs and other sustainable organizations near Lexington, MA 

Toyota has challenged itself to become more sustainable. Some of the aspects of the challenge include eliminate CO2 emissions from their operations, minimize and optimize water usage and help create a recycling-based society. At Lexington Toyota, we want to help give more information on how our community can do their part as well. Keep reading to learn more about recycling programs nearby and where you can drop off unwanted items in a more sustainable way. 

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2019 Toyota Camry climate control

When to use the Recirculation Button in your Toyota

Toyota Recirculation Button and when to utilize it 

If you have ever looked at your Toyota vehicle’s climate control buttons, you would have noticed a button that has a car symbol with a little arrow going in a circle. The Recirculation Button, when used correctly, can help boost your fuel efficiency. Keep reading to learn when to use the Recirculation Button and how it can make your Toyota vehicle more efficient. 

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silver pickup truck in the light

Which Toyota Vehicle Lasts the Longest?

The longest-lasting Toyota Vehicle line is available here at Lexington Toyota

Toyota is known for its reliable vehicles. They usually outlast the competition in terms of how many miles you can drive a vehicle before it is dead for good, but have you ever considered which Toyota vehicle lasts the longest? Today, we want to share with you the answer to that. Forbes created a list of the “14 Vehicles Most Likely to Last for over 200,000 Miles” with vehicles from different brands. We will show you which Toyota vehicles made the list. Keep reading to find out which Toyota vehicle will be with you for the most miles.

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silver 2019 Toyota Tacoma by a motorcycle

Toyota Prius C, Tacoma, and Tundra Win 5-Year Cost to Own Awards

The Toyota Prius C, Tacoma, and Tundra win 5-Year Cost to Own Awards in February 2019 

Three Toyota vehicles have been awarded 5-Year Cost to Own Awards this year. We are proud to be a dealership for a brand that cares about its customers and gives them the best value in vehicles. Toyota vehicles will impress you with their value and blow you away with their designs. Come into Lexington Toyota to see our current inventory of vehicles and take some test drives. Keep reading to learn about the Toyota Prius C, Tacoma, and Tundra and the 5-Year Cost to Own Awards. 

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2020 Toyota Supra parked in gray room

2020 Toyota GR Supra Starting MSRP and Release Date

The Toyota Supra is returning to Toyota dealerships 

We are excited to announce that the Toyota Supra is returning to Toyota dealerships in the near future with a 2020 Toyota GR Supra model. If you are a fan of the Supra or just a fanatic car collector, you will be wanting to know how much it will cost you and how soon it can be yours. Keep reading below for information on the 2020 Toyota GR Supra starting MSRP and release date. 

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2019 Toyota Corolla front view on road

What 2019 Toyota Vehicles Feature Apple CarPlay?

2019 Toyota Vehicles That Feature Apple CarPlay

According to what we know about the 2019 Toyota lineup, many exceptional vehicles will be featured with the great Apple CarPlay® installed in them. Apple CarPlay® was introduced in 2014, allowing you to integrate your smartphone into the vehicle’s entertainment center. These systems are greater for navigation, phone calls, texting, and more. However, which Toyota vehicles in the lineup do we know feature this amazing system? Continue reading to find out!
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toyota fine comfort ride concept detailed with exterior styling and door opened_o

Toyota Expands Fuel Cell Concept Line to Consumer Minivan

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Specs and Release Date

In the automotive industry, there are performance-leaders, reliability-leaders and budget-leaders. Call us biased, but we believe Toyota checks all three of these boxes. In fact, it could be argued that all three of these titles are won with the flagship-model 2018 Toyota Camry V6. It’s true, Toyota is no stranger to coming in first on a lot of positive lists.

One of the titles for which you don’t see as much competition as the others is the coveted position of “thought leader.” This title is reserved for manufacturers that are doing more than putting out great automobiles that respond to current market trends, needs and wants. True thought leaders do more than look at the market now, they look ahead. Read the rest of this entry >>

toyota sets standard for zero emission trucking with project portal lexington toyota boston ma_o

Toyota Sets Standard for Zero Emission Trucking with Project Portal

Since the introduction of the Toyota Prius, twenty years ago, Toyota has been working hard on hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fully-electric and fuel-cell vehicles. The last one especially has been a charge led by Toyota with vehicles like the Mirai.

Alternative fuel vehicles have been around for awhile, though, and always seem to wind up in similar places. They offer little cargo room, or power, and prevent drivers from traveling very far. That’s all about to change. In an October 12, 2017 press release, Toyota has detailed their work into the future of commercial transportation, namely trucking, through the use of highly-efficient fuel-cell vehicle technology. Read the rest of this entry >>