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Toyota Expands Fuel Cell Concept Line to Consumer Minivan

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Specs and Release Date

In the automotive industry, there are performance-leaders, reliability-leaders and budget-leaders. Call us biased, but we believe Toyota checks all three of these boxes. In fact, it could be argued that all three of these titles are won with the flagship-model 2018 Toyota Camry V6. It’s true, Toyota is no stranger to coming in first on a lot of positive lists.

One of the titles for which you don’t see as much competition as the others is the coveted position of “thought leader.” This title is reserved for manufacturers that are doing more than putting out great automobiles that respond to current market trends, needs and wants. True thought leaders do more than look at the market now, they look ahead.

Last week, we reported on Toyota’s Project Portal, an investment into hydrogen fuel cell trucking. You can read the full post here, but to suffice it to say that Toyota is looking toward alternate fuel options beyond battery electricity that could revolutionize the way we think about clean and efficient power in this country. Having already set the stage for electricity and battery-powered vehicles, Toyota is looking at other ways for people to squeeze massive horsepower out of clean engines.

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When Will Fuel Cell Vehicles Be Available?

Fuel cell offerings on the market right now are pretty much limited to the Toyota Mirai. In the future, this will be different, however. A press release, dated October 18, 2017, from Toyota’s Global Newsroom showcases a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle the whole family can behind…or inside!

The Fine-Comfort Ride is a whimsical and surprisingly straightforward name for a premium saloon minivan-style vehicle. Toyota envisions a future in which advanced utilization of hydrogen and renewable energy has transformed society. The Fine-Comfort Ride will likely be a vehicle that becomes a flagship in such society, the way the Camry, Prius and RAV4 have for their respective segments.

In their press release, Toyota has gone to great lengths to describe the level of thought and innovation that has gone into every visible corner (or lack thereof). A diamond shaped cabin, which narrows toward the rear provides maximum space for second row seats and increased aerodynamics.

Innovative in-wheel motors, and a body underside cover improve stability and make for a ride free from road noise.

The interior is something to behold as well. According to Toyota, the Fine-Comfort Ride‘s design concept for the interior is “wearing comfort (being wrapped in comfort).” The goal is to provide an experience with every ride – something drivers and passengers alike look forward to (or just passengers, in the future!).

Best of all, the groundwork Toyota has laid in their presentation of the Fine-Comfort Ride suggests a future where a fuel cell vehicle this size can get over 600 miles on a single charge. It’s comfortable, it’s beautiful and it will get you from A to B, and back to A again with less time between less-expensive fill-ups than ever before.

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Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Release Date

Unfortunately, Toyota hasn’t set a release date for this vehicle. As a concept, it may never break into the consumer market. Thankfully, concepts like the Fine-Comfort Ride, and development of vehicles like Project Portal and Mirai indicate that Toyota is dead-set on producing cleaner-fuel vehicles without sacrificing the power, or frankly fun, of driving them.

The Fine-Comfort Ride assures us that, much like performance, innovation, comfort, design, budget-friendliness, and technology, Toyota is a leader in automotive innovation.

As always, if the Fine-Comfort Ride appears with more information, or even a welcome release date, we’ll let you know right here on our blog. So be sure to check back frequently!

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