The touchscreen available in a Toyota vehicle.

Smartphone-integration won’t cost you extra in Toyota vehicles

Does Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™ cost extra in Toyota cars? 

Over the last couple of model years, almost the entire new Toyota vehicle lineup has gone through a technological revolution. Most 2020, 2021 and coming 2022 Toyota models will be outfitted with the latest connectivity technology, including smartphone integration and a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot. Even though these features have been around for a while, the team of product experts still gets a lot of questions from customers asking, ‘Does Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™ cost extra in Toyota cars?’ Unlike many rival automakers, Toyota includes access to these applications across the entire lineup of most available vehicles. Other companies will make buyers choose higher trim grades or purchase premium technology packages to make this technology available. Let’s take a look at a few things. 

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How do I connect to Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™?

What can I do with these smartphone apps? 

The whole point of providing a smartphone-compatible infotainment system is to extend the capabilities of a compatible smartphone to the vehicle. This will include all kinds of access to things like access to Google Maps, Waze other popular navigation applications. Do you like to listen to podcasts, music or audiobooks while you work around the house or go for walks? Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ access in a Toyota vehicle will make that possible and very easy to do. 

Most states have rules against using a smartphone while driving. Both suites of applications will enhance the hands-free calling features that are found in most Toyota vehicles. This capability may also extend to reading text messages as well. Once you’ve mastered all of the things you need Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ to do for you, it opens up the possibilities for other multimedia features found in many, if not most, Toyota vehicles. We’ve included this video to show you how the Audio Multimedia system works. 

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