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Does the color of my vehicle affect my insurance prices?

Vehicle insurance prices 

We all have heard that red vehicles cost more to insure but how true is that statement? Keep reading to learn more.  

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Do insurers care? 

The short answer is no. When underwriting your vehicle’s insurance, the company will ask for your vehicle identification number and the color is not a component of this number. The number does include which trim level, where it was built and can go down to the warranty 

What do insurers look at instead? 

Some factors that go into your insurance premium is your driving record. A speeding ticket can raise a driver’s rates up to 22% and two tickets raise it up to 43% on average. Other factors that go into a driver’s rates include age, years of driving experience, credit history and geographical location. 

Some exceptions 

While, yes color does not affect the cost of insurance, there is one exception – custom paint jobs. This will not add a ton to your premium but it is considered since it counts under “additional custom parts and equipment.” 

When does color matter? 

When it comes to thieves, they are particular on which color vehicles they choose. They often prefer green, black, gold and white vehicles. Silver is typically their number one choice. The type of vehicle stolen will affect insurance rates. In a survey of 1,000 people over the age of 25, 19.5% owned black vehicles, 18.5% owned silver and 16.2% owned white vehicles. 

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