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Four Times You Shouldn’t Drive

Many of us spend a little time every day in the car. We drive in a huge variety of conditions—from inclement weather to head colds, we get where we need to go with little compromise for circumstance. However, there are a few times when you shouldn’t get behind the wheel even if the distance is short.

When is it not safe to drive?

If you’re wondering “Is it safe for me to drive right now?” The safest answer is probably “no.” In case the situation is a little unclear for you, here are four situations in which you shouldn’t be driving.

    • When you’re sick: Got a fever, the stomach flu, or a particularly nasty headache? If you’re going anywhere—such as the doctor’s—ask for a ride from a friend. If you can’t focus on simple things, you shouldn’t pilot a few tons of metal at breakneck speeds.
    • When you’re tired: If you’re a little sleepy, that’s one thing; if you didn’t get any sleep whatsoever that’s another. You need to be alert when you drive, so don’t do it if you can’t keep your eyes open.
    • If you’re injured: Both pain and a bulky cast can inhibit your driving and capabilities. If you can’t put both of your hands on the wheel (or if you can’t move your legs or feet well enough to drive), go ahead and arrange for other transportation.
    • If you can’t handle the weather: Maybe you never learned how to drive in snow—that’s fine, but if you don’t know how to handle the weather, don’t try to conquer it until you can get a few how-tos from someone with experience.
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If your car itself is a risk to drive, come see us at Lexington Toyota. We’re happy to show you our new and used inventories if it’s time for you to upgrade. We also have a well-equipped service center to help with your mechanical needs and our blog is full of useful information.

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