How to jump start your Toyota Avalon hybrid

Toyota Avalon Hybrid jumpstart guide 

We all make mistakes when it comes to leaving our lights on and draining our batteries. Even with the regenerative braking, your Hybrid still has the capacity to lose battery power if the lights are on long enough. To make the situation simple, we have compiled a list of steps to jumpstart your Toyota Avalon Hybrid to get you back on the road. Keep reading to get started. 

electronic key in pocketMake sure you have your electronic key with you. Depending on the situation, the jumper cables may activate your alarm and automatically lock your doors.  

fuse boxOpen your hood and remove the fuse box cover. To do so, you will need to push the tabs in and lift the lid off.  

jump start terminalOpen the jump-starting terminal cover. 

how to connect your jumper cableConnect the jumper cables through the following steps: 

  1. Connect a positive side of the jumper cable to the jump-starting terminal on your vehicle. 
  2. Connect the positive clamp on the other side to the second vehicle 
  3. Connect the negative cable to the negative battery terminal on the second vehicle.  
  4. Connect the other negative clamp to a stationary, unpainted metallic point away from any moving parts on the Avalon Hybrid. 

Once everything is connected, start the engine of the second vehicle. You’ll want to increase the engine speed slightly and maintain it at a level for five minutes.  

Open and close any of the doors on your vehicle while your power switch is off.  

After the five minutes have passed, while the second vehicle is maintaining its engine speed, turn the power switch to ON mode and then start the engine. The “READY” indicator light should come on at this point. If it doesn’t contact your Toyota dealer. 

Once your engine has started, disconnect the cables in the opposite way they were connected.  

Close up the starting terminal.  

To ensure your battery is fully charged, we suggest driving it around for 30 minutes before you turn the engine off again.  

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