How to Reset Toyota Camry Maintenance Reminder Light

Are you sick of seeing that “maintenance required” light on your dashboard all the time? We are here to help. We’ve got the steps you need to reset your dashboard warning light, but if you are unsure whether your vehicle is in need of servicing, please feel free to schedule an appointment with the experts here, at Lexington Toyota. We would love to get your car in great shape and out on the road. 

Resetting Toyota Camry Maintenance Dashboard Light 2017 Toyota Service Specials

If you’ve gotten your vehicle fixed up, but you’re still seeing that “MAINT REQD” light on your dashboard, you can reset the sensor using the method described below. Bear in mind that this method works on many Toyota Camry’s model-year vehicles, but might not work on every Toyota Camry.

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Read the following steps through before you attempt to reset the light. Ensure that the vehicle is set to Trip A to reset the maintenance light. 

Step 1: Insert your key into your ignition and leave the key in position 1 (there should be two settings you can turn your key to before it begins to start your car).

Step 2: Within three seconds of placing your key in ignition and in position 1, push in the odometer button on your dashboard and hold it in and then turn the key to position 2 (this should be the second resting spot between position 1 and turning the key to start the engine).

Step 3: Continue holding the odometer button with the key in position 2 for approximately 10 seconds. The maintenance light should begin to flash (there may be a beeping sound) and will go out.

Step 4: When the maintenance light has gone out, take your finger off the odometer button and turn the key to start your vehicle. The light should not be there when the vehicle starts, so if it is still lit, you may need to repeat the process steps 1 and 2 more quickly.

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