How to use Amazon Alexa in the 2020 Toyota Corolla

I think we can all agree that technology is great, right? And it’s even better when the best technologies are integrated into everyday necessities, like cars. That’s exactly what we get with Amazon Alexa in the 2020 Toyota Corolla. Come along with us as we explore both sides of Alexa capability in the new Corolla.

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How to control Alexa features in your 2020 Corolla

The first way you can utilize Amazon Alexa with your 2020 Toyota Corolla is by accessing certain features in your vehicle via voice control. You’ll need the Toyota+Alexa app, which you can access through the Entune 3.0 App Suite. Then, you can ask Alexa to play music, listen to audiobooks, check the weather, get directions, find parking, and even control your smart home devices—right from your car!Amazon-Alexa-Echo-and-Echo-Dot-devices

What’s the difference between Amazon Alexa and regular voice recognition?

The typical voice recognition feature we’re used to seeing in modern cars allows you to control certain elements on a Bluetooth-connected device. The main difference here is that Alexa lives in the cloud, which means the feature is updated and new information is added automatically. With Alexa, you can access the most up-to-date information out there! Additionally, Alexa gets better with practice. That is, the more you talk to her, the better she adapts to your specific vocabulary, speech patterns, and preferences.

How to control your 2020 Corolla via Amazon Alexa devices

On the flip side of the great capability mentioned above, the Alexa integration can be paired with the available Remote Connect feature for the 2020 Toyota Corolla to allow drivers to control their vehicle from an Alexa device. First, the Toyota skill for Alexa must be enabled, and the Toyota Owners account must be paired with the device. With this feature, you can unlock the doors, start the engine, and check the status of your vehicle. You can ask questions like, “How much fuel is in my car?” or “Are my doors locked?”

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If you have any questions about using Amazon Alexa in your 2020 Toyota Corolla, feel free to reach out to our team at Lexington Toyota or get in touch with your local Toyota dealer for more information.