Innovative Features in the Toyota FT-4X Concept Vehicle

New Concept Vehicle for Toyota has Rugged Charm

It has been about a month since Toyota’s new concept vehicle the FT-4X debuted at the 2017 New York International Auto Show. The concept vehicle was designed for the millennial professional by Toyota’s Calty Design Research Inc. After extensive research, Calty Design aimed to create a vehicle that would mesh with millennial’s casual and often spontaneous attitude towards adventure. Using a toolbox as inspiration, Toyota and Calty Design crafted a thoughtful crossover with a simple yet bold “X themed” design. We are sharing some of the innovative features in the Toyota FT-4X concept vehicle below. Keep Reading.

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Innovative Features in the Toyota FT-4X Concept Vehicle

Designed to meet the spontaneous needs of casual adventurers the FT-4X has some pretty unique features. Check out some of our favorites below. Then watch Toyota’s YouTube videos.

2017 Toyota FT-4X concept crossoverMulti-Hatch

The Multi-Hatch might be our favorite feature. Multi-Hatch is a new term coined to describe the versatility of the FT-4X rear hatch design. The handle of the Multi-Hatch is rotatable. Users can use this handle to rotate between two modes, Urban Mode and Outdoor Mode. Urban Mode allows the rear hatch to open from the center horizontally while Outdoor Mode allows the hatch to open in one section vertically. Bonus, when the Multi-Hatch is opened in Outdoor Mode the door functions as a protective screen from the elements.

Twin Warm and Cold Boxes

Warm and cold boxes have been included into the FT-4X’s Multi-Tool cabin. Once the Multi-Hatch is open users will notice twin boxes on either side of the vehicle. One for warm items, one for cold. Passengers can use the boxes to store anything from snacks to adventure gear.

Removable Parts

One of the ways Toyota approached adding function was to include removable parts. These parts add convenience and entertainment while the car is in-use and then can be removed to travel with the group once stopped. Some removable parts featured in the FT-4X include a multimedia audio system and rear-door handles turned water bottles. This means less planning ahead and more doing.

There is currently no news about if the FT-4X will ever be mass produced. We hope at the very least some of the innovative features end up in future Toyota crossovers. For more information on new Toyota vehicles, contact our staff at Lexington Toyota today.