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Is it Better to Buy a Used Car from a Car Dealership?

When you’re looking for a used car, it can seem easier or more convenient to buy from a friend or that supposedly experienced mechanic on Craigslist. However, once the money has changed hands problems can arise—especially if your newly-purchased car isn’t operating the way you’d like it to.

Should I buy a used car from a dealership or online?

While buying online can seem the most cost-effective option, it carries a daunting bundle of risk along with the low tag price. Outside of the actual exchange of money for car, you’ll likely not interact with the person selling the car at all so if that person decides to disappear with your money—leaving you with a bad car—there’s almost no way to contact them to work things out.

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A dealership, on the other hand, can’t just up and leave. If something quickly goes wrong with your newly-purchased car, you’ll know where to find the people who sold it to you. Better yet, reputable dealerships—such as Lexington Toyota—have service centers staffed by qualified mechanics who can tend to your car needs as they come.

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Will a car dealership try to sell me a bad car?

Trepidation tends to go hand-in-hand with used car shopping, and at Lexington Toyota we know that. There are a lot of stories out there about slimy used car salespeople unloading sub-par vehicles on unsuspecting customers. At Lexington Toyota, we don’t want to take advantage of our customers. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience and keep you on the road for as long as you hope to be. In short, we don’t want to sell you a bad car because we’ll lose you as a customer along with anyone you talk to about the failed automobile—and word of mouth is important for us just like any other business.
If you’d like to eliminate some of the risk of buying a used car, come take a look at our certified used vehicles. Lexington Toyota is here to help you find what you need.