A photo of the gear-shifter used in the 2021 Toyota Supra.

Did Toyota miss the mark by skipping the manual for the Supra?

Is Toyota ever going to offer the Toyota Supra with a manual transmission? 

The last several years have been very exciting for Toyota dealerships like ours as well as for our customers. We have witnessed some of the most popular models on the Toyota roster pickup cutting-edge improvements as well as some nameplates resurrected that we didn’t think we’d ever see again. The Toyota Supra fits into both of those categories. However, since it first arrived at the Lexington Toyota showroom, several customers have asked, ‘Is Toyota ever going to offer the Toyota Supra with a manual transmission?’ We understand that this is an important factor for driving purists and our team has wondered the same thing. A recent article posted on AutoBlog.com, written by Jonathon Ramsey, gave us a glimmer of hope that this could happen in the future. Let’s take a look. 

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It is important to note that none of this is confirmed by Toyota. As much as many of us working at Lexington Toyota would love to see a Supra with a manual gearbox, we don’t know when, or if, it will happen. But a fan can dream, right? 

The engine and transmission used by the Toyota Supra were developed in partnership with another automaker that is based in Europe. Ramsey’s hypothesis about a manual-transmission-equipped Supra comes from reading the tea leaves put out in the world for that manufacturer. The story makes some tangential mentions of a seven-speed manual as a possible addition to a future Supra model since that is the gear-changer being discussed for use in the partner company’s vehicle refresh. 

Why doesn’t the Toyota Supra have a manual transmission now? 

According to the AutoBlog article, the primary challenge in equipping the current Supra with a manual transmission is that it won’t fit. Additionally, Toyota has wanted to make sure there were more substantial differences between the Supra and the Toyota 86 – which does make a manual transmission available.  

Stay tuned to the Lexington Toyota Blog for more updates about the automaker’s lineup as they become available.