A right profile photo of the Toyota GR Supra Sport Top concept.

Is a convertible Supra model too much to hope for?

Is Toyota making a Supra convertible? 

The reintroduction of the Toyota Supra to the automaker’s roster has been incredible. It is sleek. It is responsive. And it is high performing. What more could a Lexington Toyota customer want? Well, what about the feeling of the wind through their hair? Is Toyota making a Supra convertible? We can neither confirm nor deny that idea – mostly because we have no idea. However, Toyota showed off a customized Supra model at this year’s modified SEMA show this fall that put this notion on the table. Not everything that is shown at events like SEMA goes into production – but sometimes they do. Let’s take a look at a few things you might find interesting.  

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“We had such a great response to the Heritage Edition last year,” Ed Laukes, Group Vice President – Toyota Marketing, said in a press release. “I asked the guys at our Motorsports Garage if we could take the Heritage Edition to the next level and make a Supra with that removable roof everyone remembers from the MKIV?’” 

The 2021 Toyota GR Supra Sport Top was natural next step to follow the GR Supra Heritage Edition that was the centerpiece of the automaker’s SEMA display last year. Toyota partnered with a couple of independent shops to physically modify a Supra and provide it with an eye-catching paint job. In addition to removing the car’s roof, the build team constructed a new rear diffuser for better airflow and installed a custom exhaust system that features dual pipes meeting in the center of the rear bumper. 

Additionally, the Sport Top concept vehicle shows off several iconic elements like the basket handle wing on the rear deckled and round taillights to really show off its MKIV heritage. However, what really makes the Sport Top special is that while the modified Supra does have its roof removed, a special 3D-printed roof panel replaces it to give it a T-Top look without the issues associated with that particular feature.  

Stay tuned to the Lexington Toyota Blog for more information about a potential Supra convertible as it becomes available. If you don’t want to wait for something that might not happen, make an appointment with one of our product experts to see what is for sale or lease right now.