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Most Fuel Efficient Toyotas in 2017

Toyota is known for making cars that give buyers bang for their buck. Wrapped up with excellent safety features and superb styling, Toyotas offer some of the best fuel economy on the market. Take a look at the most fuel-efficient cars in Toyota’s 2017 lineup.

What Toyotas have good fuel economy?

The good news is that most Toyotas have remarkable fuel economy. However, if you’re looking for absolute top-tier fuel economy, there are a few specific models you should check out.

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  • Prius Prime: There’s no denying that the Toyota Prius Prime has what it takes. With a whopping 133 MPGe—the equivalent of miles per gallon, but powered by electricity—the Prius Prime can get you where you want to go for pennies on the dollar.
  • Prius: 2017’s Toyota Prius is a remarkable machine. Its hybrid capabilities deliver 54 MPG in the city and 50 on the highway, so even if you’re not looking to buy a car you can plug in and charge (like the Prime) then you can still take advantage of some incredible fuel efficiency.
  • Camry Hybrid: If you’re looking for a more classic sedan silhouette, step into the 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Delivering an impressive 51/53 MPG, you can arrive in discreet style and drive for days on a single tank.
  • Avalon Hybrid: Need more sedan options? Check out the Avalon Hybrid. The Avalon Hybrid brings 40/39 MPG and a whole boatload of style.
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If you want to test out any of these models, come see us at Lexington Toyota. We can recommend cars for the fuel-efficient shopper no matter what your other needs may be. Don’t forget, we’re here to help you find what you needs, so we’ll work with you to get you into the car that’s best for you. See you soon!