Toyota Land Cruiser family photo

Take a look at the Toyota Land Cruiser history

The history behind the Toyota Land Cruiser’s 70 years of production 

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been cruising on and off-road since 1958. It has had a global impact and still shares the core values of quality, reliability and dependability. Keep reading to learn about the Toyota Land Cruiser history and what you can expect from today’s models. 

1977 Toyota Land Cruiser 55 series

The beginning of the Toyota Land Cruiser 

While the beginning of the Toyota Land Cruiser was slow, like one model sold in the United States slow, there have been 10 million sold by the summer of 2019. Back in 1950, when the Toyota Land Cruiser was originally developed, it was used for military use. It had a 3.4-liter, six-cylinder engine with up to 75 horsepower. This was one of the first models to pass six checkpoints on Mount Fuji. From then until now there have been eight distinct Toyota Land Cruiser models. By 1980, the one-millionth Toyota Land Cruiser was built. 

Today’s Land Cruiser 

Now the Toyota Land Cruiser comes standard with the Toyota Safety Sense P. Some of the features include a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert and Blind Spot Monitor. Other features include 14JBL speakers, advanced voice recognition and split-screen capability.  

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