Tips to keep your Toyota safe in the winter months

Tips to keep your Toyota safe in the winter months

Most people have a very love/hate relationship with the winter season. On one hand, the sight of snow on the ground and the feeling of crisp, chilly air outdoors can be beautiful and peaceful. On the other hand, however, snowfall and icy conditions can make for some trouble when you’re hitting the road. Our team at Lexington Toyota has compiled some tips to keep your Toyota safe in the winter months, so come on in, make some hot cocoa and take some of these into consideration!

Make sure all fluid levels are topped off

Just like cold weather can freeze pipes in older buildings and reduce water flow, frigid temperatures can also do some damage to your vehicle. Before it gets too chilly out, it’s a good idea to top off essential fluids such as oil, coolant, transmission fluid and brake fluid. They all help to keep your car running at optimal efficiency.

Charge or replace your battery

Have you ever noticed how it sometimes takes a little bit longer to get your car fired up and running in colder temperatures? If you have an older battery in your engine, freezing conditions could render your vehicle unable to start. Installing a fresh new battery is a great way to neutralize this threat.

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Get some new tires if needed

Tires are the unsung hero of many a Toyota vehicle. In icy conditions and snow covered roads, tires with low tread or grip just won’t cut it. Getting snow or all-weather tires installed on your Toyota helps to significantly increase traction in all elements!

Give yourself some time before heading out

We mention this for a couple reasons: punctuality is key, and if you have somewhere important to be in the mornings it won’t hurt to give yourself some time to spare before departing. That way, you have ample time to clean your Toyota off and let it warm up before hitting the roads!

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Schedule service with us at Lexington Toyota

From all of us here at Lexington Toyota, we hope you stay safe on the roads this winter season! If you need any work done on your Toyota vehicle in preparation for the coming season, feel free to contact our service team and schedule maintenance. We can get you back on the road quickly and safely so you have more time to enjoy the scenery. Come and see us today!

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