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Toyota responds to the novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 response from Toyota 

Toyota understands that times can be difficult. As a result, the brand has implemented an assistance program to help in various ways in the community, medical field and to current Toyota owners. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways Toyota is helping during the COVID-19 pandemic 


To provide payment relief options to customers affected by COVID-19, Toyota Financial Services is offering payment extensions or lease deferred payments. There are also options for customers near or at the end of their lease.  

Support to help stop the spread 

Nationwide there will be Toyota distribution and manufacturing centers helping create more tools to help assist those in the medical field. Items like face shields, COVID-19 masks, ventilators and respirators are all either in production or are ready to be produced.  


To assist further Toyota has made significant donations to first responders, emergency management teams and hospitals. The donations have included safety glasses, shoe/boot covers, blankets, cotton swabs, gloves and masks.  

Business Partnering Groups and Community  

To help those in need, Toyota continues to make monetary donations to the United Way, food banks and other key non-profit organizations. The company’s Business Partnering Groups are providing university lecturing, mentoring as well as health and safety tips for everyone in the community.  

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Check out our response to COVID-19 

We have made some changes to our hours and how we run our services. To learn more, check out our response page. Please stay safe and healthy. If you would like any more information or have questions, please reach out to us and we would be happy to assist.  

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