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What can I do for Father’s Day?

How do have fun while social distancing for Father’s Day in Lexington MA 

Father’s Day is almost here. Even though the options may seem limited this year for what you can do for Father’s Day, we have brainstormed some activities you can do with your dad that won’t be at home. Keep reading to find some inspiration. 

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Check out historic sites 

At Battle Green there are a few monuments to check out without getting too close to anyone else. Some monuments include the Minuteman Statue, the Revolutionary War Monument, a bronze plaque which marks the original location of the Belfry and more. Other sites of interest include the Old Burying Ground, Buckman Tavern and the Hancock-Clarke House. 

Play some ball at a park 

Now the state is at phase 2 of the CDC’s guidelines, there are more options at parks. Non-contact sports like Tennis, playing catch or kicking a ball around are all allowed at parks. You can also watch around on some trails at Parker Meadow Conservation Area, Whipple Hill or the Burlington Landlocked Forest. 

Social distance on a bike ride 

Ride Studio Café is a fun mixture of coffee shop and bike shop. This shop offers a variety of events that allows for social distancing while still interacting with other people. These rides range from free to $45. 

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Get your dad’s vehicle serviced for Father’s Day 

Some ways to show your dad you care is by getting his vehicle serviced. At Lexington Toyota, we have a service station at our dealership where we can do everyday services like oil changes to more extensive services like fuel line repair. Schedule an appointment today. We hope to serve you soon. 

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