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What do the Toyota trim level acronyms mean?

Trim level acronyms meanings 

We talk a lot about the trim levels each Toyota model offers, but what do they all mean? Today we will be breaking down each trim level offered so you have a better idea on what the letters stand for.  

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Toyota typically has around 5 to 8 trim levels on each vehicle in its lineup. Here are all the trim levels broken down and their meanings. 

Common Models: 

Trim Level:  Meaning: 
L   Entry-level grade 
LE   Luxury Edition 


Sport Models: 

Trim Level:  Meaning: 
S   Sport 
SE   Sport Edition 
SLE   Sport Luxury Edition 
SR   Sport Rally 
SR5   Sport Rally 5-Speed 


Executive Models: 

Trim Level:  Meaning: 
XR   Extreme Rally 
XRS   Extreme Rally Sport 
XSE   Extreme Sport Edition 


Extreme Models: 

Trim Level:  Meaning: 
XL   Executive Luxury 
XLE   Executive Luxury Edition 
XLS   Executive Luxury Sport 


Uncommon trim levels: 

Trim Level:  Meaning: 
CE   Classic Edition 
DX   Deluxe 
VE  Value Edition 



More information on Toyota trim levels 

From the list of trim levels, the popular ones include the L, LE, S, SE, XLE and XSE. Other editions now being offered with Toyota models include Hatchbacks and Hybrid editions. Hatchbacks are cars with a liftgate in the back for easy access to the cargo space. Hybrid editions are more fuel efficient because they use a combination of a fuel powered engine and electric motor.  

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