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The latest technology goes a long way to adding peace of mind

What does Toyota Safety Connect do? 

There are very few more chaotic environments people could conceivably encounter as the moments following an automotive accident. If you find yourself in this situation, the first few minutes are critical. Toyota is employing its technology to help people get the assistance they need – largely at the single push of a button. So, what does Toyota Safety Connect do? A team of trained emergency response operators is always ready to provide any assistance a customer may need. The proprietary system is divided into four primary features. Let’s take a closer look at how Toyota Safety Connect can help you at one of your most vulnerable moments. 

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Automatic Collision Notification 

As we said before, the moments following a collision are chaotic. It may be difficult for people to call for help, depending on the severity of the accident. If the airbags in the vehicle deploy, Toyota Safety Connect will automatically set up a connection to the emergency response center. A trained emergency operator will try to make contact with the people in the vehicle and then notify local authorities to dispatch help to the location of the accident.  

Emergency Assistance Button 

Just because the airbags don’t deploy, doesn’t mean a situation isn’t an emergency. The driver or passenger can summon help by pressing the ‘SOS’ button. This action will automatically connect the person pressing the button with the response center. If necessary, the agent will contact local help to deal with the situation. 

Enhanced Roadside Assistance 

Car trouble never happens in the parking lot of an authorized Toyota service center. A flat tire, dry gas tank or dead battery can happen anywhere. The enhanced roadside assistance button will, again, connect to the emergency response center. An agent will be able to locate and dispatch the nearest roadside assistance. The person that shows up will be able to help change a tire or deliver enough gas to get to the closest gas station. 

You can learn more about the various ways Toyota technology can keep you safe. Schedule an appointment with a Lexington Toyota product expert today.