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What happens if your Toyota vehicle sits for an extended amount of time?

Should you leave your vehicle parked during quarantine? 

Since we all have the stay at home order, we haven’t been using our vehicles nearly as much as we once were. Some of us haven’t used our vehicles at all. This can start to cause some issues if we are not careful. Keep reading to learn more about what can happen if you leave your Toyota vehicle sit for too long.  

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The negative effects on your vehicle 

When your vehicle sits for longer than a month there are a variety of things that start to happen. Your oil will start to deteriorate, the tires will become weak and brittle and the battery will lose power. If your fuel tank is not completely full, moisture will build up and make the gasoline gummy. When your tires become flat and they sit for too long, they will create a flat spot on the tire that cannot be fixed. 

How you can avoid these effects 

While all these problems can be costly to fix, there are simple ways to care for your vehicle even if you cannot necessarily go different places. Every two weeks, you need to drive your Toyota vehicle for at least ten minutes while maintaining 50 miles per hour. This way it gets the engine hot and flowing with all the necessary fluids. Your battery will also have the chance to recharge at this speed and time frame. 

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