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2017 Toyota Prius Prime Manages An Incredible 640-Mile Hybrid Driving Range

What Is the Most Fuel Efficient Hybrid Car for 2017? 

Unless gas prices suddenly and unexpectedly plummet, filling up at the pump is always going to be a concern for most drivers. We’re already seeing the hybrid and electric takeover of the automotive industry, with vehicles like the Toyota Prius Prime becoming increasingly popular. So, if excellent efficiency is one of your biggest needs when it comes to the vehicle you drive, you’re probably wanting to know what the most fuel efficient hybrid car options are for 2017, and we believe we have just the car you’re looking for. 

2017 Toyota Prius driving on the highway with mountains in the backgroundThe car we’re talking about is the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime, sibling to the near-iconic Toyota Prius in the hybrid segment. The Prius Prime, however, is a little bit different. It is a plug-in hybrid, and that means the Prius Prime can be driven with pure electric power from its large lithium-ion battery. In fact, you can drive the Prius Prime without using a single drop of gas for an estimated 25 miles when in EV Mode. This is enough for your daily commute or simple errands, and when you return home, simply charge it back up for your next trip out. 

Therefore, it’s no wonder the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime earned the recognition of being one of’s Most Fuel Efficient Hybrids of 2017. Plus, with the plug-in capability, you have even more options for efficient driving. 

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Prius Prime Gasoline and Electric Efficiency 

Since there are two ways to drive the Prius Prime (all-electric power or hybrid power), there are two ways to measure fuel economy. When using only electric power, the Prime has an EPA-estimated 133 MPGe, an mpg equivalent for gauging efficiency in electric vehicles. In hybrid mode, the Prius Prime can achieve an incredible 54 combined mpg. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Prius Prime Total Driving Range 

As mentioned, the Prius Prime can drive an estimated 25 miles on a pure electric charge before you would need to switch to hybrid mode or stop to charge up the battery. When driving with hybrid power, a combination of electric and gasoline, you’ll enjoy an EPA-estimated total driving range of 640 miles. Say goodbye to range anxiety, because that is no longer a concern for anyone driving the Prime. 

Of course, all of this is dependent on how you drive. To maximize your fuel economy, you should employ good driving habits, such as accelerating gradually and staying within the posted speed limits. In fact, by doing this, one driver overseas managed to achieve an astonishing 0.8L/100km, or in US measurements about 294 mpg. Watch the video to check it out. 

After seeing the data and numbers for efficiency, it should come as no surprise that the 2017 Toyota Prius is one of the most fuel efficient hybrid cars of 2017. To learn more, contact us at Lexington Toyota. 

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