What Routine Maintenance Does My Car Need?

Oil changes, tire rotation, transmission fluid flushes—sometimes the maintenance checklist for your car can be a bit long and overwhelming. We’re here to help.

What Routine Maintenance Does My Car Need?

The first step to getting familiar with a good maintenance checklist is by cracking open your user’s manual. The user’s manual will have far more exact information than anything you might find that isn’t model-specific. It’s also a good idea to stop and talk to a mechanic—our service center is a good place to start—since they’ll be able to give you even more specific instructions with consideration of your driving habits. Until then, here’s a brief list of what (and when) you need to do for your car.

  • Get your oil changed:Probably the most familiar task on the list! Your manual can tell you how often this needs to be done. Whatever you do, don’t skip your oil changes! If you run your car without oil for the engine, you’ll break your engine… so get your oil changed.
  • Maintain tire pressure: Check your tire pressure weekly (more often when it’s cold). Keeping your tires correctly inflated will up your gas mileage and protect your rims. It’s a simple thing to do, and will help more than you might think.
  • Keep an eye on your fluids: Transmission fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid (it’s important!) all keep your car running. Make sure your fluids are at the appropriate levels to keep things running smoothly.
  • Get your tires rotated and aligned: Rotating your tires ensures that they wear evenly, which will save you money and help your gas mileage. Maintaining their alliance will keep your steering as sharp as it was when you drove off the lot.
  • Pay attention to what’s normal and not: Brakes going a little slower than usual? Wipers have a weird stutter? Steering feel a little odd? Don’t ignore it. It’s always better to take your car in to get checked out than it is to ignore a potential problem.

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If you have any questions, come see us at Lexington Toyota. Our service center is here to help you get what you need. Check out our inventory while you’re here—you never know what you might find!