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What Standard Safety Features does Toyota Have in 2017?

Toyotas lead the market on standard safety features. Today’s Toyotas are crafted with superior material designed to keep passengers safe in the event of a collision, and the safety measures keep growing from there.

What is Toyota Safety Sense?

All Toyotas come standard with Toyota Safety Sense, a suite of five safety measures designed to keep drivers and passengers safe on the road. Toyota Safety Sense is comprised of:

  • Pre-Collision System: If you’re in danger of colliding with the vehicle in front of you, this system has your back. It will alert you and in some situations apply brakes to help prevent or lessen the force of the collision.
  • Lane Departure Alert: A camera on your windshield detects the paint markings on the road and helps you stay in your lane by alerting you to when you’re in danger of leaving it.
  • Automatic High Beams: If you’ve ever been blinded by another driver’s lights or forgotten to switch back to your own low beams, you’ll be happy to know that Toyotas take care of that for you. A windshield camera detects how far you are from the car in front of you and switches from high to low beams accordingly.
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: That camera we’ve been telling you about? Yep, it also helps control your speed. If you’ve set your cruise control and the car in front of you starts to slow down, your Toyota will automatically adjust to keep you at a safe distance.
  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection: Toyota works to keep the people outside of your car safe, too. The Pre-Collision System reduces the chance of hitting a passenger by sensing if you’re approaching one.
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Pretty remarkable, right? In combination with Toyota’s modern design and competitive gas mileage, it’s easy to see the remarkable appeal of today’s Toyotas. If you’re interested in finding out more or test driving a few models, come see us at Lexington Toyota. Our sales team can help answer any questions and our service center can tell you all about the best ways to keep your Toyota running smooth.