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What to expect when your vehicle lease ends

End of lease options 

If your vehicle lease is coming to an end, you may want to know what your potential options can be. We want to make sure it is a simple transition. Keep reading to learn more about each option you have once your lease has ended.  

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Buy the vehicle you were leasing 

At the end of your lease, there will be an agreed-upon price. If you like the price and the vehicle, you have the option to purchase it. No reason to walk away from something you love.  

Lease the vehicle again 

While buying is an option, you still can lease the vehicle again. One your second time around, you can try to rewrite the lease. When you do this, you can change the terms of the lease, for example, the number of miles you can drive per year or the amount you pay each month. 

Lease something else 

Maybe you were not a fan of the vehicle you were leasing or just want to try something else, there is always the option to lease something new. Leasing is a great way to test out different vehicles without the commitment of having to do any selling a vehicle you bought. 

Do nothing 

Maybe you are trying to cut back on the number of vehicles your family has or something else, you can just walk away. If you decide to do this, you will be free from financial obligation and you have other options. 

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Lease from Lexington Toyota today 

We always have ongoing deals when it comes to leasing from Lexington Toyota. Stop by today to test drive some options to find the perfect vehicle to lease for you. 

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