What to include in a winter first aid kit

What to include in a winter first aid kit

Winter driving can bring with it some very treacherous conditions. We hope it never happens to you, but if you find yourself in a position with a broken down vehicle, it’s important that you have a first aid kit handy so you can call for help. To help you prepare for the Massachusetts winter season, our team at Lexington Toyota has put a list together to help you know what to include in a winter first aid kit. Stay safe out there!

Equipment to keep you warm and dry

If you find yourself in a roadside emergency there’s nothing worse than being wet and cold while you’re waiting for help. The best way to remedy this situation is to always include a fresh change of clothes whenever you’re venturing out in inclement weather.

Winter driving checklist

Tips to remove a Toyota vehicle from snow

Tools to help you get back on the road

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road, and you may be looking for ways to get back on the pavement; some supplies that you can bring include shovels and salt to clear out the snow around your car, and an ice scraper to clear your Toyota vehicle off. Also, it’s a good idea to warn fellow drivers of your situation. If you can purchase a flare, it makes signaling for help that much easier.

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Tips to help you stay connected

If your emergency stems from a bad battery in your Toyota vehicle, be sure to include jumper cables if you do receive help on the road. However, if you cannot get assistance, many places sell portable battery chargers so you can get your vehicle started. Also, before you head out it is beneficial to bring a transistor radio to stay updated with changing road conditions.

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We know that Massachusetts winters are often unpredictable, so we cannot stress enough that you stay safe and sound if you have to drive for any reason. Feel free to contact our service team if you do need maintenance done to help prepare for the oncoming weather. We can get your Toyota ready for whatever elements come your way, so stop in and see us today!

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