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What’s the Difference Between Certified Used Cars and Used Cars?

Being in the market for a new car means having a lot of odd-sounding lingo thrown at you. “New” and “used” are pretty digestible terms for cars, but “certified used” throws a wrench in the works. What exactly does that mean, and how is it different from used?

What is a certified used car?

Certified used cars are vehicles that have gone through a certification process before hitting the lot for resale. For Toyotas, this is a 160-point inspection that tests the vehicle’s mechanical workings—engine, transmission, brakes—as well as the exterior to ensure that everything is in ship shape. If they find anything that needs repair or replacement, those parts are attended to before the car hits the lot. This examination is performed by qualified Toyota mechanics, who then certify the car for resale.

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How are certified used cars different from used cars?

The biggest difference between certified used cars and used cars is, well, the certification. Buying a certified used car helps knock down the price of your new car’s purchase while taking the risk out of the buy. In addition to the certification and repair process, certified used cars are eligible for manufacturer warranty.
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