When Should I Use My Brights?

Even though many of today’s cars have automatic high beams, knowing how and when to use your brights is important.

Why Do Cars Have High Beams?

Your car has high beams for the times you need extra light, such as when you’re driving in the country at night. These lights provide about double the visibility of your regular headlamps. The extra light from your brights helps you see far enough ahead for adequate reaction time when driving in the dark. Depending on where you live and where you’re driving, you might use your brights all the time or almost never.

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When Should I Use My Brights?

You should use your brights when you’re driving at night in low light. There’s usually no need to use them in cities, and they should only be used when you aren’t surrounded by other cars. hgSince your brights are so powerful, it’s important to know when they should and shouldn’t be used. Your brights can be blinding for other drivers, so be sure to switch back to your low beams when you see an oncoming vehicle or when you approach one from behind. There are also some occasions in which using your high beams will actually decrease your visibility, such as when you’re driving in fog, heavy rain, or heavy snow. In these conditions, your brights will actually make your visibility worse by reflecting off of the precipitation. This is especially true if you have LED lights, since LEDs offer brighter lights than incandescent bulbs.

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