2019 Toyota Camry climate control

When to use the Recirculation Button in your Toyota

Toyota Recirculation Button and when to utilize it 

If you have ever looked at your Toyota vehicle’s climate control buttons, you would have noticed a button that has a car symbol with a little arrow going in a circle. The Recirculation Button, when used correctly, can help boost your fuel efficiency. Keep reading to learn when to use the Recirculation Button and how it can make your Toyota vehicle more efficient. 

red 2019 Toyota Corolla driving down the road

When to use the Recirculation Button 

The best times to use the Recirculation Button is during the summer or when the weather is hot, and you need to use A/C. The Recirculation Button recirculates the cool air from the A/C. The longer the button is turned on, the more the air in your vehicle will cool down. If you do not have the Recirculation Button, what will happen is the air conditioning will have to work harder to keep the vehicle cool because there will be a constant stream of warm air coming in, which will lower your fuel efficiency. 

When not to use the Recirculation Button 

During the winter, you want the fresh air to come through your engine to your vents. This helps your windows defrost a lot quicker. If you have the Recirculation Button on, you will make the inside of your vehicle more humid and cause your windows to become foggy. 

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