A teaser photo of the 2022 Toyota Tundra.

An all-new Tundra could be coming sooner rather than later

When will the Toyota Tundra get redesigned? 

The Toyota Tundra is a very strong competitor in the full-size pickup truck segment of the automotive industry. The current version of the Tundra that is available at the Lexington Toyota is one of the few in the entire class that is only available with a V-8 engine and has done away with the single cab configuration. As much as everyone at the dealership loves the truck, it is getting long in the tooth. Not a week goes by when one of our product experts isn’t asked, ‘When will the Toyota Tundra get redesigned?’ If a couple of articles from Car and Driver and Road & Track magazines are correct, and we have every reason to believe they are, people looking for a next-generation Tundra won’t have to wait very long. 

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How will the 2022 Tundra be different? 

Naturally, Toyota is being pretty tight-lipped about the changes coming for the 2022 Tundra. We know an announcement is coming soon, but we’re not sure when it will be and what information it will actually reveal. However, according to the articles from Connor Hoffman (Car and Driver) and Mack Hogan (Road & Track), the all-new Tundra will likely be larger, bolder, more powerful and more efficient than the existing model. Our manufacturing released a single teaser image (found at the top of the blog) and both authors were able to glean quite a bit of information from it.  

For instance, Hoffman pointed to the amber marker lights above the grille. That could mean that the 2022 Tundra could be more than 80 inches wide. However, that is based on photos of the Tundra prototype and some generous interpolation of available information that may have some gaps. On the other hand, the current Tundra is just under 80 inches wide, so it’s hard to know what is going on until we get official specs from Toyota. 

Estimated 2022 Tundra Performance Specs 

Obviously, there are official performance specs available for the coming 2022 Toyota Tundra. However, Hoffman’s story expects the newest Tundra to arrive first with a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine, with hybrid and fully electric powertrains to follow. 

Be sure to check back to the Lexington Toyota showroom regularly to get the latest news about the 2022 Toyota Tundra as it becomes available.