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Where Can I Get My Oil Changed near Lexington, MA?

Lexington Toyota offers Toyota Oil Changes

Where can I get my oil changed near Lexington, MA? Come into Lexington Toyota for your next oil change appointment. We also offer other maintenance services which you can learn about here. Keep reading to find out how to schedule an appointment with Lexington Toyota and to learn about what other maintenance services we offer.

How can I schedule an oil change with Lexington Toyota?

You can schedule an oil change or other vehicle maintenance appointments right here on our website. Otherwise, you can contact our service team by phone at (781) 861-7400 or come into Lexington Toyota to schedule an appointment in person. Our dealership is located at 409 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington, MA. With so many convenient ways to plan there is no excuse to keep putting off your next oil change or tire rotation.

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Click here to schedule a vehicle maintenance appointment online

What other maintenance services does Lexington Toyota offer?

Our technicians are professionals and they can help you with any vehicle maintenance that you may need. All of the common service appointments can be covered here like oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations, or an allover vehicle checkup. Plus, our technicians can help you replace any old or damaged vehicle parts such as headlights, windshield wipers, tires, or others. We offer genuine Toyota parts and Accessories here at Lexington Toyota, so everything is high quality and made to fit your Toyota vehicle perfectly. You can check out what parts and accessories are available on our website and even order parts online.

So now that you know what Lexington Toyota has to offer, come into Lexington Toyota for your next oil change this week and maybe some extra maintenance on the side. Schedule your next appointment with Lexington Toyota today!