2019 Toyota Tacoma parked in a house's driveway

Why Won’t My Toyota Vehicle Start?

Top three reasons that your Toyota vehicle isn’t starting

It happens to the best of us. We get in the car one morning ready for the day’s adventures and… nothing. The vehicle is not responding to you trying to turn it on. At this point, you can diagnose your car as unable to start and it is time to find out why and then find a solution. Our helpful list of the top three reasons that your Toyota vehicle isn’t starting will give you a point of reference, but if all else fails, feel free to get your vehicle towed to our service center, where we will take a look at it for you.

Why won’t my Toyota vehicle start?

Faulty startup with Toyota Smart Key and Push Button Start

There are two vital things to know about the Toyota Smart Key and Push Button Start. Your vehicle will not start up if your foot is not pressed firmly on the brake pedal. There is no exception to this rule, and we suggest you try starting it again if you weren’t doing this the first time. Secondly, there is a deactivation switch on the Smart Key. If you accidentally hit this switch at any point, your vehicle won’t start up. Check this switch before calling a tow truck.

2018 Toyota Corolla steering wheel and dash.

Weak key FOB battery

Sometimes it isn’t how you started up your vehicle, but the key FOB itself that is causing problems. Like all electronics, the key FOB needs a source of power to work correctly, which comes from the battery within. Hold the key closer to the Start button and try again. Replace the battery as soon as possible.

Weak engine battery

When your vehicle’s engine battery goes out, you will notice that the instrument panel is dim when you press Start inside your vehicle. This too, is an easy fix that our service team can help with. Schedule a maintenance appointment today.

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