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Why You Should Invest in Winter Tires

Find out why you should invest in winter tires this year 

Massachusetts, like any northern state, gets hit by the occasional snow storm. It is important to make sure that your vehicle is well equipped for this situation, and there are many steps you can take to assure yourself of this. For instance, you can make yourself a winter emergency kit to store in your vehicle in case your vehicle breaks down and leaves you stranded in the cold. One of the most crucial steps you can take is preparing your vehicle with winter tires. We are here today to tell you why you should invest in winter tires, so keep reading below. 

Why you should invest in winter tires 

Your vehicle’s tires are doing all the dirty work for you. They carry you and your vehicle over pavement, rocks, and debris without complaint. However, they can’t hold up forever, which is why we also suggest regular tire rotations and tire replacements. In the winter, replace your tires with winter tires because these tires are well constructed for cold temperatures and icy terrains. They have more traction and do not get hard in cold temperatures like other tires. They are narrower than summer tires to exert more pressure on the road. Make the change today.  

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Where to get winter tires in Lexington, MA 

The good news is you can get winter tires from our Toyota tire shop here at Lexington Toyota. We have information on our website of how to use a quarter to check your current tires for wear and tear. After you check your current tires, come into Lexington Toyota to see how you can upgrade. Benefits of buying Toyota tires with us include price match guarantee, expert installation, road hazard coverage on eligible tires, and our wide selection of many popular tire brands.

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