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Why Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Matters

Your car has a whole host of safety features. Some are built in to the frame, some come as cherries on top, and many are thanks to the improvement of technology. However, there’s one safety feature that’s decades old and easy to maintain: your windshield wipers and their accompanying fluid.

Why do I need windshield wiper fluid?

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Your windshield and wipers are two parts of a three-part system that allows you to see through your windshield under varied circumstances. The third part of the system is lubrication—usually provided by precipitation. However, whenever you need to clear your windshield and the sky isn’t providing precipitation you’ll need something to keep things working how they should. Not only will the lubrication (either precipitation or wiper fluid) help allow you to see, it prevents scratches on your windshield and helps your wiper blades last longer by preventing them from being dragged over debris. In short, if you want to be sure you can see while you’re hurtling down the highway, keep your wiper fluid in check. 

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Four windshield wipers

What do I need to do to maintain my windshield wiper fluid?

The good news is that wiper fluid maintenance is pretty easy. Much of the time, your mechanic will top it off when you’re in for an oil change, sometimes for free. If your mechanic doesn’t do that already, go ahead and ask to make that part of your service whenever you go in. It shouldn’t cost too much, and you really need it there when it counts.
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