2018 Toyota 86 driving on the road.

2018 Toyota 86 Technology Systems

Pure driving just got better. The 2018 Toyota 86 marks the return of a legend, with a powerful engine, aggressive aerodynamics, and a wealth of excellent interior technology and infotainment features. Continue reading to learn more about what great technology features are available for you!

2018 Toyota 86 Infotainment Systems

When it comes to infotainment features, the 2018 Toyota 86 offers as much as you could need. The performance vehicle has a wealth of great information features, including a Display Audio with Navigation, which is displayed on a high-resolution 7-inch screen. It offers turn-by-turn directions and navigation, making it easier to find your way.

This navigation display also features an available Aha Radioâ„¢ app, which offers over 100,000 stations and the ability to connect your iPod and MP3 player. This gives you the entertainment that you crave when you’re going on your journey.

2018 Toyota 86 steering and dash view.
2018 Toyota 86 Engine view.

2018 Toyota 86 Technology Systems

There are many excellent technology features to be found on the new 2018 Toyota 86, many of which fall under the performance category. Some of these features include things like the Vehicle Stability Control Full-Off Mode, which is a throwback to the 86’s track days. This is a system unique to the 86, which allows the driver to shut off stability assists, putting the driver in full control, and letting expert drives push the Toyota 86 to get the last drop of performance.

Additionally, the 2018 Toyota 86 also has an available Vehicle Stability Control Track Mode, which allows you to engage Track Mode with a push of a button. When in this Track Mode, the system allows you to toe the limit of the Toyota 86’s before the Stability Control kicks in, pushing you back to your desired line.

So, if you’re looking for a vehicle that has a ton to offer, then look no further than the 2018 Toyota 86. With a powerful engine, aggressive aerodynamic, and a wealth of excellent interior technologies and infotainment features, you would be disappointed. Though the new 2018 Toyota 86 hasn’t arrived yet, you can learn more about it by contacting us at Lexington Toyota today!

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