2018 Toyota Prius driving on a road.

2018 Toyota Prius Safety Features

Since launching, the 2018 Toyota Prius has led by example across the world, offering the complete package for those that want to take their city driving to the next level! With excellent interior features, exceptional gas mileage, and a wealth of safety features, it’s perfect for those that want more out of their ride! Continue reading to learn more!

2018 Toyota Prius Passive Safety Features

The 2018 Toyota Prius has a wealth of exceptional safety features, with the first of them being a part of their great passive safety systems. These passive features make up the Toyota Prius’ safety foundation and include things like a high-tensile steel body, as well as an advanced airbag system. This advanced airbag system places airbags in strategic places throughout the interior in key locations.

Both if these systems are designed to make sure that your vehicle absorbs the most possible kinetic energy in the event of an impact or collision, making sure that you and your passengers have an excellent safety experience.

2018 Toyota Prius dash and steering wheel view.
2018 Toyota Prius side view of seating.

2018 Toyota Prius Active Safety Features

Building off the many excellent passive safety systems that the 2018 Toyota Prius offers, this excellent vehicle also has several great active safety features to enjoy! These active safety features include things like sensors and driver assistance systems and work to ensure that you have the best possible safety no matter the situation.

Some examples of these excellent safety systems include things like a Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/SA) system, and an available Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC). Both systems are designed to give you the best possible awareness and control of the road!

So, if you’re looking for a vehicle that can offer you the complete package, then look no further than the 2018 Toyota Prius! With a wealth of exceptional interior features, as well as many great safety systems, it’s guaranteed to please! For more information contact us at Lexington Toyota today!

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