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2019 Toyota Highlander Trim Level Options

2019 Toyota Highlander trim level options with features and starting MSRPs 

If your next vehicle is going to be the 2019 Toyota Highlander, then it is time to decide which trim level fits your needs. There are a total of six trim levels to choose from, which is more than you may have expected. With that many options, it becomes difficult to choose, but we have the starting MSRP of all the 2019 Toyota Highlander trim level options, as well as information about the trim levels. Keep reading below to find the trim level for you. 

2019 Toyota Highlander LE 

  • $31,330 
  • There is nothing wrong with choosing the cheapest trim level. By opting for the 2019 Toyota Highlander LE, you can save yourself money toward your next vehicle accessory or maintenance appointment.  

2019 Toyota Highlander LE Plus 

  • $36,260 
  • The second lowest starting MSRP is enough to make this trim appealing, and it comes with more features than the LE, such as an upgraded infotainment system. 

2019 Toyota Highlander XLE 

  • $39,220 
  • The standard moonroof on the XLE gives you sky views and more passenger volume to stretch out in. 

2019 Toyota Highlander SE 

  • $40,440 
  • The SE is all about style with a unique exterior design with black finishing touches.  

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2019 Toyota Highlander Limited 

  • $42,430 
  • Ample features are added onto this trim to get your money’s worth, such as second-row captain’s chairs and heated front seats so everyone can sit in comfort. 

2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE 

  • $36,970 
  • Like the LE, the Hybrid LE is one of your cheaper options, this time being the cheapest of the Hybrid options. Maybe, you are dying to drive a hybrid vehicle, but you don’t really want to spend major cash, that is where the Hybrid LE comes in.  

2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE 

  • $42,030 
  • This is the hybrid version of the XLE.  

2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited 

  • $45,510 
  • This is the hybrid version of the Limited.

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