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2019 Toyota Prius Prime Pricing

2019 Toyota Prius Prime pricing and warranty 

Today we are going to discuss the 2019 Toyota Prius Prime pricing and warranty, to give you an idea of the total cost to own with this vehicle. Stay with us because there is a lot to learn. 

2019 Toyota Prius Prime pricing 

The 2019 Toyota Prius Prime starts out at $27,350. However, you should also consider that more than just the base price is used to calculate the cost to own a vehicle. Recently, three Toyota vehicles, including the Prius C, were chosen as 5-Year Cost to Own Award winners. That means that they are overall higher values for the money you pay after five years, with factors such as fuel costs and maintenance costs factored in. With the 2019 Prius Prime, the fuel cost will be lower than anything you have experienced before because you can charge it and run on electricity. Plus, certain repairs will be covered on your new vehicle, which takes us to the 2019 Toyota Prius Prime warranty. 

Prius Prime vehicle on the road

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2019 Toyota Prius Prime warranty 

Having long warranty coverage will ensure that certain repairs will not cost you. The 2019 Toyota Prius Prime has five different warranties. Two of them clock-in at 60 months or 60,000 miles, and those are the Restraint Systems warranty and the Powertrain warranty. The Corrosion Perforation warranty is also at 60 months, but it has unlimited miles. The Basic Warranty is 36 months or 36,000 miles, and the Hybrid System warranty lasts the longest at 96 months or 100,000 miles. All of the warranty limits refer to whichever comes first, time or mileage. Prius Prime vehicles are available here at Lexington Toyota. If it sounds like the right vehicle for your budget, come in today to find your next vehicle.